16 February 2010

$in-gapore $luts & Their Dirty Bras

Only in $in-gapore - where else?!?!

$in-gapore $luts have puny boobs - and dirty bras! I can assure you that they don't wash their panties either (See related link below). $ick!!!

Mind you, this is $in-gapore we're talking about - where the weather is hot and humid. Now, contrast this to Hong Kong. The weather is cool (cold even) and dry here, but girls nevertheless change into clean bras at least once a day.

This is terrible! The horror...the horror!!! I think I'm gonna throw up......urgh.....

People often wonder why I wouldn't even touch $in-gapore $luts with a barge pole. Now, you know why.

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