24 October 2009

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

The horror...the horror...

Perfume (2006) is the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen in my life! If you haven't watched it, don't!!!

But I suppose violent and $ick $in-gaporeans will appreciate this movie. They have the misconception that female sweat and urine (in the absence of perfume) smell nice!!!

Dialogue between an established Ebay seller and a $ick $in-gaporean buyer:

$ick $in-gaporean: Eh, can wear the bra / panties / school uniform for one night and send it?

Seller: Sorry, all items must leave in a washed and sanitised condition.

$ick $in-gaporean: I pay you $20 more can?

Seller: Sorry, not only is it against Ebay's policies, it's also extremely $ick and unhygienic.

$ick $in-gaporean: We do under the table nobody knows lah!

Seller: Nobody would know? I'd know; you'd know; God would know. Please look for a $in-gaporean seller. Thanks.

Scientifically speaking, unless one has ingested aromatic herbs (I happen to know many of them), there's no way her sweat or urine could smell nice. Perverts who disagree with me are most welcome to receive a holy golden shower (smells like Imperial Majesty) from me to wake them up - they will gain immediate enlightenment.

Sick bastards!!!

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