11 October 2009

Linux - Cars & Fags

An evil $in-gaporean retard (a self-professing IT guru) once demanded to know why his home Windoze computer ran "so slowly" and kept crashing. He spent tons of money to upgrade his hardware and ultimately ended up buying an expensive computer, but that didn't help at all.

Well, I could have given him Linux but that would have been like giving him a manual transmission car to drive - he can't drive one! Imagine what would have happened if I had given it to him.....

You guessed it....after all the time and effort, he would have cursed me and started spreading lies about Linux and me.

Take it from me - don't ever cast pearls before swine. I know a pig when I see one - even one that is disguised as a human being. :P

The case on hand was clearly one that required the user (not the hardware or operating system) to be changed.

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