18 October 2009

Joke - The Vision

"Psychics" are big on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, just north of the state capital, Brisbane. Other Australians regard the area as the Deep North, the antipodean equivalent of the USA's Deep South.

A local radio station carried an evening program in which a "psychic" appeared regularly. The usual flummery - calls from listeners (usually younger women) wanting forecasts of their love-lives, jobs, happiness etc., followed by confident replies from the "psychic" together with supportive clucking noises from the credulous anchor entity. Then the "psychic" made a classic blooper:

Caller: "Will I meet someone?"

Psychic: "Yes of course you will, darling. I see you dancing - you dance so well! - and meeting that man and dancing through life together, you know what I mean?"

Caller: "But I'm confined to a wheelchair..."

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