10 August 2009

Mobile Pillar

Listening to "In the Heat of the Night" by Sandra brought back memories of what happened to me many years ago in a rollerskating ring in $in-gapore.

It was my first day in roller skates and my $in-gaporean "friends" were all amazed that I learned to skate like an amateur within merely 30 minutes. Within an hour, I was already skating and sipping ice water at the same time.

However, my glorious moments were short-lived. I drifted to a remote area where there were no nearby pillars with railings to hold on for safety and the next thing I knew, I heard a screaming $in-gapore Ah Lian coming up from behind me. I tried to dodge her but apparently her intention was to head towards me to use me as a pillar! It happened in split seconds and I had no time to do a taichi elbow strike, which would have effectively caused her face to slam against the floor. She reached out, grabbed me (one hand on my shoulder, the other on my hip - and her head/padded bra/whatever was resting on my back!) and hung on for dear life. Apparently, that "professional" made a dumb mistake and almost fell. Together, we skated a distance before she finally regained her balance and let go of me. Urgh! To make things worse, my $in-gaporean "friends" saw what happened and giggling like sissies over my misfortune, shouted loudly, "Wah, hero lah!!! Woohoo!!!"

That song was playing when it happened. :P

I love this song, but not as much as I did, thanks very much to $in-gaporeans.

Before I go to bed tonight, I will be praying for more happy memories.

This song goes out to all the Japanese babes in this world:

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