07 August 2009

Kimchi - Proudly Made in China

I made Kimchi for the first time yesterday - the Chinese way. I'm aware that some Koreans do it this way too. Why? Because it's simply cheaper and better.

"Korean" chilli paste, for instance, is a product derived from Chinese and Indian products. I'm saying it's really a mixture of Chinese/Indian products. In fact, I could make that in a matter of minutes!

No, I'll never cook the way lame $in-gaporeans do. They use ready-made expensive Korean condiments (with lots of unhealthy chemical preservatives) and they call it cooking! Even worse is the fact that what they churn out is hardly edible, if not entirely inedible. Even starving stray dogs will have second thoughts about eating that - it's really animal abuse to feed them that. Other than the high prices and unhealthy additives, there's nothing wrong with the made-in-Korea condiments. The problem lies with the made-in-$in-gapore "cooks". Oh dear....I think $in-gaporeans share a curse that also runs in my family. I am an exception and it is not by chance that I always get things right the first time - God willed it.

While dumb $in-gaporeans are snapping up expensive Korean products like hot cakes, I'm using Chinese and Indian products (and they're of the superior kind) at a tiny fraction of the $in-gaporeans' cost.

My non-Asian brothers and sisters out there, before you buy that expensive Japanese or Korean product, consider if you can make it yourself using Chinese and Indian products.

My kimchi has fermented very quicky, thanks to my personal secret knowledge of making wine in just 3 days. I am retarding the fermentation now.


gaga said...

Mmm, looks fantastic! I definitely agree that homemade is better. Happy fermenting! :)

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Thanks! :-)