24 August 2009

Ghost Month

The Ghost Month is here and vile $in-gaporeans are seeing "ghosts" (demons) more than they usually do.

I don't see any cos I'm not a $in-gaporean, so I'm different from them, much as they would love to deny it. Just observe the trance-like look on their faces when they're watching TV and contrast that to the look on my face. When I ask them a question or speak to them, they'll always respond with, "Huh.................?"

Seconds later, they'll start screaming at you... ...

Ironically, these mind slaves are obsessed with controlling others. Because of their deficiencies, I have become an object of their obsession. They are under the delusion that once they "gain control of me", their shortcomings will disappear.

This is why $in-gaporeans see demons disappear when I come along - Two words: Frequency domination (Psalm 23:4) ; One word: Election.

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