27 August 2009

Cello (첼로 - 홍미주 일가 살인사건)

Have you ever watched a great horror movie way past midnight? It's nice. :P

No, I'm not nuts. My inability to be empathetic about people's fear when they watch horror movies, comes from having seen way too many "ghosts" ($in-gapore $luts). The horror...the horror!!! In psychology, this is known as conditioning. One word: Numb.

Cello is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. The makeup artist ought to be given an award for mimicking exactly the way ugly $in-gaporean $luts put on makeup. Two words: 鬼臉 (ghost face).

The formula for a potentially great horror movie is this: Ugly face + ugly super thick makeup.

I really feel like smacking this "ghost" silly cos she resembles so much a typical $in-gaporean $lut.

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