30 July 2009

Take ACER Off your Linux-Friendly List

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Subject: Take ACER Off your Linux-Friendly List.
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 22:22:02 -0400
From: Fred A. Miller
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From an elist.


Take ACER Off your Linux-Friendly List.

Their Acer Aspire 5535 laptop locks-out the wireless modem
and Bluetooth from any access unless a MS version of window
is installed.

See Acer's "tough luck for you" reply below.

Oh, they did offer to let me call their paid support - so they
could tell me the same thing.

Response (Mary LincyKM) - 07/29/2009 07:34 PM

Having reviewed your e-mail I understand that you are facing
an issue using wireless with Linux.

As per our record the operating system shipped with the
system was Vista.

Please note that Acer does not support changing an Operating
System. Changing the Operating System may cause driver
conflicts. You have the option of upgrading or changing your
Operating System at your own discretion. However, it is
preferred that you keep to the original configuration of
your system so that all the programs and applications in
your computer will recognize all the hardware installed in it.

We are sorry to inform that we are unable to offer support
since you have changed the operating system.

Have a great day!

Acer America
Online Technical Support

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