31 July 2009

Linux utilities

It seems that a person can't get ahead of the Debian people. I thought I would write a utility to screen my files to find duplicates to delete and empty directories and all kinds of neat things, but no they have already done it and the command line utility is "fdupes" and you can find out how to use it with "man fdupes". But what about normal people who like to use a GUI and are averse to command line utility? Well they have done that too, and it is called fslint. I tried it out tonight and it is easy to use and has all the cool buttons and option a person would want.

One of these days I am going to find a utility that they haven't thought of and write it.

I even thought that it would be neat if a person could run Linux on windows as well as running windows on Linux, but even that has been done.

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Wei-Yee Chan said...

Try writing a webcam app that has the ability to change one's age, gender or race. You'll need a big team of programmers though. :-)