24 July 2009

Gay is in for $in-gapore Youth

This is a world's first! It can only happen in $in-gapore, where hunger is unheard of.

"Fauzi Rassull is a slim 20-year-old blogger, popular among Singapore's fashionable youngsters, who flaunts his 1.73-metre, 60kg frame in glamour shots splashed on his sites.....and is single-mindedly pursuing his dream of being as fashionably thin as American socialite Paris Hilton."She's my idol, she's very pretty, that's why I want to go to the extent of trying to be as thin as possible," he gushed. "It's all about glamour."

*Rotfl* Gay!!!

But hey....he might be right (for the wrong reason) after all, as $in-gaporeans are all bones and fat - not an inch of muscle!

Now, for a fag who weighs 60kg, that's really fat. He needs to drastically cut down on his weight. I might suggest that he fast for forty days and forty nights. My longest record is only about a fortnight, so good luck!


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