10 May 2009

Horrible Malaysian Horror Movie (靈異奇譚)

靈異奇譚 (The Spiritual Files 1) <---- Oh, the horror....the horror!!! Don't watch this or it'll haunt you for the rest of your life!!! Insomniacs will have no problems falling asleep after watching this.


1. Overly simplistic plots.

2. Ugly actors and actresses with poor acting skills. Even cheap Japanese porn stars display far more talent.

3. Terrible Cantonese. They actually pronounced some words in Hakka. *Rolls eyes* I almost choked on my coffee when this guy said, "li bai" instead of "lai bai" (week). The aged actors and actresses were the only exceptions.

4. Poor camera work.

I'd say it's just as bad as that "dengah" movie I watched some time back.

*Sigh* When it comes to making horror movies, Malaysia is really "tak boleh".

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