12 February 2009

Thoughts on Zhang Ziyi in Mei Lanfang (梅蘭芳)

Some thoughts on Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) in the movie Mei Lanfang (梅蘭芳)....

  • 25-year-old Yu Shaoqun (余少群) as young Mei Lanfang <--- Wow! What a babe!
  • 42 year-old Leon Lai (黎明) as Mei Lanfang <---- Pretty!
  • 30 year-old Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) <--- Extremely ugly!!! Urgh...my eyes...!!! 無論有沒有化妝﹐怎麼看起來﹐也像個賤貨。 賤貨!! 賤貨!! (With or without makeup, either way, she looks like a slut!!)

Get a load of this: Yu Shaoqun (余少群) and Leon Lai (黎明) are both men!

I'd always found something disgusting about Zhang Ziyi but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Last night, I finally got my answer from one of the scenes in Mei Lanfang. It's her slutty and uncouth ways that she carries with her, even when she's acting out the role of a princess or an aristocrat. Enough said.



Mei Lanfang

Mei Lan Fang: China's Foremost Actor

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