11 January 2009

PETA Kills Animals!

According to government documents, PETA employees have killed more than 19,200 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens since 1998. This behaviour continues despite PETA’s moralizing about the “unethical” treatment of animals by farmers, scientists, restaurant owners, circuses, hunters, fishermen, zookeepers, and countless other Americans.

PETA puts to death over 90 percent of the animals it accepts from members of the public who expect the group to make a reasonable attempt to find them adoptive homes. PETA holds absolutely no open-adoption shelter hours at its Norfolk, VA headquarters, choosing instead to spend part of its $32 million annual income on a contract with a crematory service to periodically empty hundreds of animal bodies from its large walk-in freezer.

Ironic, isn't it?


unwesen said...

Not at all ironic. PETA are doing the best they can under the circumstances: the alternative would be to let these animals starve to death.

The problem is that - especially in the USA - too many pet animals are bought and then discarded. A huge part of the issue is that few people have the sense of responsibility to neuter their pets, and let them breed - but can't afford to house or feed the offspring.

So there's a gigantic number of pets that's left at shelters. Shelters try to give these animals to more caring owners, but if that fails, they're put to sleep.

Now I'm not sure why they refuse to offer pets for adoption from *one* of their shelters - but that in no way implies that there must be some form of hypocrisy at work here.

MichaelK said...

It's not ironic in the sense of PETA's goals:

As for PETA’s call for USA Network not to televise Westminster, well, that’s just them as usual making a lot of noise for the purpose of raising money and working towards their goals not of reforming breeding practices to preserve and protect our heritage breed, but to end the existence of all domestic animals, one step at a time.

“…Eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship, enjoyment at a distance.” — Ingrid Newkirk


There are plenty of posts with PETA's other greatest hits on that blog. Like http://www.petconnection.com/blog/2009/01/08/pedigreed-dogs-exposed-producer-blasts-peta/