20 December 2008

Aiko, The "Perfect" Woman

Canada's first (wheelchair-bound) android. It's not very impressive at first sight but you'd have to consider that the development wasn't funded by any corporation. This story reminds me of Chobits......

Computer ace Le Trung, 33, has created a "Fem-bot" named Aiko (愛子 means "Love Girl" in Japanese), which is "in her 20s" with a stunning 32-23-33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features. Aiko, which has cost £14,000 to build so far, can remember Le Trung's favourite drink and does simple cleaning and household tasks. She is able to speak 13,000 different sentences in English and Japanese. She is also a math whiz and does all of Le Trung's accounts.

Le Trung said he never had time to find a real partner so he designed one using the latest technology. He did not build Aiko as a sexual partner, but said she could be tweaked to become one. “Her software could be redesigned to simulate her having an orgasm and reacting to touch as if she is playing hard to get or being straight to the point,” he said.

The software seems good enough. I suppose it could do with more hardware - lots of it.

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