12 November 2008

Using The Buttocks of Others As One's Face

There is an interesting Chinese saying about "using the buttocks of others as one's face." It's a figurative way of describing a situation where a person is using someone else's name (someone of good reputation and held in high esteem by others) to boast and elevate his own status in the eyes of others. This may happen even when that reputable person has nothing whatsoever to do with him. In effect, the culprit is taking credit for something that he didn't do.

Even though we Chinese came up with this saying, this practice is by no means confined in China. You may be surprised that $in-gapore is the only country in this world that has people doing this on a 24/7 basis. Their obsession with this form of 'plastic surgery' is so great that they'd even use the butts of a sworn enemy. This is pathetic. Clearly, these people need to get their heads checked.

I'm trying to save my butts here (pun intended), so let me state explicitly that I have NOTHING to do with $in-gaporeans.

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