31 March 2008

2 Underage Students Attempted To Take Upskirt Shots of Their Teacher

(Not actual photos - for illustrative purposes only)

I love and hate dumb stories from $in-gapore. On one hand, they're dumb, but on the other hand, they can be pretty entertaining, especially when you're bored stiff.

I stumbled upon one such article, about how two underage students attempted to take upskirt shots of their teacher. The two little perverts were publicly caned.

According to the article:

>"We always advise our teachers that since they are teaching in a boys' school,
>they must be careful. They are also advised against sitting on tables if they are
>wearing skirts."

*Lol* This is hilarious! Do not sit on a teacher's table that is way above a student's desk, if you're wearing a skirt that is way above your knees? Goodness! Even a half-wit would know that!

>She added that she does not tell her teachers not to wear skirts because it
>gives the wrong impression that the teacher is at fault.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with wearing skirts to school , but there are things to watch out for when wearing a skirt.

>She said: "This suggests that it's their (the teachers') dressing that
>provokes the boys to take the pictures and this is wrong."

Oh, for Pete's sake, you're sitting high up on the table that is almost up to the students' eye-level, with your legs spread wide open, and you're telling me you don't expect anybody to see your panties? Well, unless of course, you're not wearing any. :P

Sure, it wasn't the dressing that "provoked" the perverts into attempting to take upskirt photos - it was their teacher's misbehaviour! Mind you, it's not her first day as a woman, so it's really hard not to suspect that she exposed herself deliberately (probably to obtain a transfer).

I'm of the opinion that the teacher in question ought to receive no less than 40 lashes for indecent exposure to underage kids, and for being a bad influence on young and innocent minds. This is clearly a case of moral depravity and gross injustice.


Photographing of Woman's Legs Does Not Constitute Sexual Harassment

Pervert Taking Upskirt Shots


Maria said...

There is nothing in the article that says that the teacher was sitting on her desk when they attempted to take the shot. Yet, you seem to think it is the teacher's fault as well as the students, based on no evidence, afaict. The fact that they didn't manage to actually get the shot, leads me to believe that she might not have been sitting on her desk, since that would have been a fairly easy shot to get. Don't jump to conclusions!

Wei-Yee Chan said...

No Maria, it was only after careful examination of the case that I arrived at the conclusion that the teacher had been behaving inappropriately . Sure, I can't go back in time to witness the entire incident, but what I can do is piece the facts together to obtain the full picture.

Firstly, if you're talking about hard evidence, there is none, as I'm sure you'd agree. Alright, we'll just take it that all the students of the entire class (excluding the two boys) weren't hallucinating, so their testimonies can be used as evidence. Well, we have now established that the boys did indeed attempt to take upskirt shots of their teacher, which leads me to my second point.

If the teacher was neither sitting on her desk at ALL times nor compromising her modesty in some way, then why would the students attempt to take the supposed upskirt shots? Now, I'm certain the students wouldn't have had the audacity to just walk up to her and plant their phones under her skirt. This is $in-gapore we're talking about, mind you. So then, your assumption that the teacher did not sit on any desk is very likely wrong.

It is evident that both parties were at fault. I'm not claiming that the boys are innocent, but neither am I absolving the teacher of all guilt, just because she's a woman. As a leader of students, she must be accountable for her own actions.

I rest my case.