22 February 2008

The Law Is Too Lenient on Female Sexual Predators

The lenient sentence handed down to a female teacher who sexually abused five male students is proof of a double standard in America's legal system, says prominent pro-family attorney Pat Trueman.

Allena Ward, 24, of Laurens, South Carolina, was sentenced this week to six years in prison after she admitted to having sex with five of her teenage students.

Trueman hopes lawmakers will change that. "I think every state legislature ought to review its laws to eliminate prejudice and treat all sexual predators ... the same and give stiff sentences, even for the first offense," he suggests. As the attorney explains, "the effect on children from a female predator is no different than the effect on the child of a male predator. The child is affected for life and it harms them -- it harms their psyche; and the justice system is supposed to mete out justice."

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