29 February 2008

Halt Saudi "Witch" Execution!

Twenty prominent religious leaders from a dozen faiths have united to call for the halt to the execution of a Saudi woman sentenced to death by beheading for the crime of "witchcraft."

Human Rights Watch, the largest human rights organization in the United States, has declared that the conviction of Fawza Falih is a travesty of justice. Detainees in Saudi Arabia are commonly the victims of systematic and multiple violations of due process and fair trail rights including arbitrary arrest and torture. The most frequent victims are women, who already suffer severe restrictions on daily life in Saudi Arabia and cannot appear before a judge without a male representative. According to information posted on the Human Rights Watch website, human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia are often ignored by United States officials. Saudi Arabia is an important ally in the "War on Terror" and it is estimated that the United States has armed the Saudis at an estimated cost of $7 billion dollars.

An international coalition of religious leaders, including Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, Native Americans and other faith traditions, have written a letter with an attached petition, signed by more than 2,700 additional clergy and individuals, to King Abdullah bin Abd al-'Aziz Al Saud, pleading for Fawza Falih's release.

Please sign the online international petition to save Fawza Falih's life.

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