08 January 2008

How To Determine Your Bra Size

This is in response to a comment on this video on "How To Measure for a Bra".

"the cup size measuring she gives doesn't make sense. She says "we had 32 and now we have 33....".where did those numbers come from? Not clear at all."

I agree with the comment, as the presenter in the video didn't seem to know what she was talking about. :-)

The 33 inches measurement comes from adding 5 to the measurement around the chest directly under the breasts. 26 inches + 5 inches = 31 inches. As bras don't come in odd numbers, as she had explained, 1 was added to round it off to 32. This is the band size. Everything's correct up to this point, but I spotted two serious errors thereafter.

She was supposed to measure around the chest at the pinnacles of the breasts - she measured somewhere above that. I believe the measurement would have been 34 inches rather than 33 inches, had she done it correctly. She foreknew that she was holding onto a cup B bra, but she got the numbers wrong, so that's why it didn't add up.

34 inches - 32 inches = 2 inches. In general, 1 inch is the equivalent of 1 cup size (cup A), so 2 inches would make it a cup B. Therefore, the size is 32B.

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