12 December 2007

How To Justify A Desktop Upgrade

They could have entitled the article "How to diss XP in order to sell the idea of a VISTA upgrade to management."


Security is the message.

According to Johnson, management may not be aware that the most compelling reason to migrate to a newer operating system, such as Windows Vista, is to take advantage of the latest security features. "

But, independent tests of VISTA's "security" shows it uses the least secure anti-virus software!

In Feb-2007 VISTA's "OneCare" detected only 82.4% of the viruses thrown at it. The best found 99.36%.


In Aug-2007 OneCare was still detecting only 90.37%. For that month the best detection was at 99.64%


Nov-2007 had OneCare at 35% !!! The best for that month is 71%, So, all forms of virus/malware protection are losing their effectiveness.


That track record doesn't deter Microsoft's PR department. They continue on....

"The hidden cost of vulnerability

What management may not realize, however, is that they are already paying a hefty hidden cost by having outdated systems in place, "because you are paying for an administrator's time to deal with these issues," Johnson said. The trick is to show management this in a way that translates into dollars saved."

So, compared to VISTA it seems that an XP cost too much to run and it is too insecure.

I guess that's why a large number of folks who buy new computers that come with VISTA soon request that they "downgrade" them to XP.

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