12 June 2007

Ubuntu Tip - Faster Bootup

A neat trick that I deployed when I was still with Fedora. This involves disabling unnecessary services to make your system boot faster.

Click on System - Administration - and select BootUp-Manager to obtain a listing of startup scripts. Scrutinise and disable services that are not applicable to you.


unwesen said...

Good guide as well is: http://www.smartadmin.in/fiesty

Especially the CONCURRENCY=shell setting in /etc/init.d/rc I can recommend. Works like a charm, and really speeds things up.

unwesen said...

I tried posting this before, but it didn't work. Oh well, another try:

http://www.smartadmin.in/fiesty is a good guide as well. I'm especially happy with the parallel running of boot scripts via the modification in /etc/init.d/rc

Wei-Yee Chan said...

>I tried posting this before, but
>it didn't work.

Thanks for the tip.

Comments are under moderation. I've to do that because internet trolls and stalkers are a reality. :-(

unwesen said...

Ah, ok. I'm using a fairly efficient spam filter - well, blogger really just redirects to my own server. Which runs Wordpress on Ubuntu - and thus we're on topic again ;)

Wei-Yee Chan said...

Oic. But what I meant was trolls and stalkers, not spammers, speaking of which, someone ought to invent a troll/stalker filter. *Lol*