14 June 2007

Technorati Rank - Running on Karma, From Zero To Hero

My Technorati authority improved tenfold (11.5 times actually) from 4 to 46, in a week.

Take a look at my authority sources and you'll realise that I'm "running on karma". My tenfold improvement is a result of my past activities in Linux forums and mailing lists.

Nice. ;-)


For reasons unknown to me, my authority of 46 has slipped to 19. :-(

Oh well, that's still a far cry from the past authority of 4.


Roberto Galoppini said...


I spent hours trying to understand how technorati actually works, every time I learned something I soon happened to understand I was missing something else. My suggestion is: don't get technorati-addicted, have a look at it time by time, let's say just every two, or three ... hours! ;-)

Wei-Yee Chan said...

*Lol* ;-)