11 June 2007

MySpace Sucks!

First, they banned my IP and I had to reboot my modem to obtain another IP address. But as soon as they detected my login, they stopped sending packets again and banned my IP address.

Never mind that. They always screw up whenever they go on a "witch-hunt" ("improve" their hacker-nabbing heuristics), although I'm certain there's absolutely no reason for them to always single me out as a "witch".

Anyway, I tried using some public proxies. The furthest I was able to go was read my messages, but I wasn't able to reply to any one of them. As soon as I hit the reply button, I got banned again. So far, I've tried close to 10 such proxies. Each time, the same thing happened.

I'm wondering, is MySpace owned by China?


Well, what do you know? Apparently, logging in via the Chinese MySpace website works (although not perfectly). I tried the Chinese site cos it was in a friend request email from a Chinese national. Hmmmm....


Just as I was about to be burned at the stake, they realised that I wasn't a witch and released me.

I got my account back today. :P

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