04 May 2007

Microsoft's New Validation Policy

"Now Microsoft has taken authentication of the Microsoft Validation to a whole new level. Starting now, they will be checking your operating system every month. Now, I'm not saying this development is bad or good. I'm just wondering what impact this has on our daily lives. Ever since I received an email stating this new policy I've been wondering why Microsoft felt the need to validate each copy of Windows every month and have come up with a couple of reasons why...

First, I'm sure that each month they uncover more and more previously activated Product Key's and therefore as they find out about them, they deactivate the key codes that look like they're pirated. What this means to you is that you need to be vigilant to follow Microsoft's license agreement and only have one computer running one license at a time. If you have two computers and activated the second computer by calling Microsoft to get around the online activation failure, they will be able to detect that 2 different computers are running off of one license and shut both down. There go any critical updates and extras you would otherwise get by staying legal."

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