18 May 2007

The ‘master politician’ continues to put Israel's survival in jeopardy

"The only voices in Washington these days calling for military action against Iran's nuclear facilities belong to people, like former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, who were forced from their positions after the Democratic victory in last November's Congressional elections.

And this brings us back to Israel — and to the Prime Minister who is unfit for his position but uses his stunning political acumen to cling to office. Two weeks after the Winograd Commission's report, and ten months after the last war, it is clear that Olmert will take neither his own incompetence nor the public's rejection of his leadership into consideration.

He will not resign from his position even if 300,000 people demonstrate in Rabin Square. He will not resign from office even if Ashkelon's 90,000 residents are forced to flee just as Sderot's 20,000 residents are fleeing today. He will not quit even if Iran conducts a nuclear test.

Rather than go home, he will pick a fight with Livni over how best to divide Jerusalem or surrender Hebron, or with Mazuz over his right to give millions of shekels of government subsidies to industrialists who are represented by his former law partner.

The enormous gap between the threats that Israel faces and the agenda of the Israeli government has become a threat to our national security. The only way to turn the tide is to hold new elections."

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