04 May 2007

Get Rid of Crapware

"I believe that the single biggest reason why we continue to see so many PC manufactures and OEMs selling PCs with all of the trialware included is because apparently, it is making them money. And with their profit margins being so thin, the turmoil of Dell looking at getting into the desktop Linux market, amongst other happenings, PC manufactures are really looking at bringing profits anyway they can. Personally, I can certainly understand this dilemma. But as a counterpoint, a big reason why Dell has had such a change of heart is that they are hurting in the customer satisfaction department. From where I stand, this is a beginning in how companies like Dell work to keep their customers happy.

After all, if we can see Dell selling Linux PCs (not that no OS nonsense), offering XP as an alternative to Vista, then I see no reason at all as to why we can see the end of trialware when many of us are just plain sick of removing it."

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