01 March 2007

Securing Linux by breaking it with Damn Vulnerable Linux

"Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL) is everything a good Linux distribution isn't. Its developers have spent hours stuffing it with broken, ill-configured, outdated, and exploitable software that makes it vulnerable to attacks. DVL isn't built to run on your desktop -- it's a learning tool for security students.

DVL was initiated by Thorsten Schneider of the International Institute for Training, Assessment, and Certification (IITAC) and Secure Software Engineering (S²e) in cooperation with Kryshaam from the French Reverse Engineering Team.

DVL is an interesting distribution with an interesting goal. Even though I am not a security student, I was able to follow and try out a buffer overflow exploit. DVL has enough lessons to keep one occupied for quite some time. If Schneider sticks to his plans and puts out tutorials and lessons at a steady pace, DVL will continue to be a great learning tool."

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