01 March 2007

OooBasic crash course: One-click email backup of OpenOffice.org documents

"Gmail offers a few clever features that make it more than just an email service. You can use your Gmail account as a document viewer, a file storage, and even as a full-blown Getting Things Done solution. You can also turn Gmail into a nifty backup solution for your OpenOffice.org documents using a simple OOoBasic macro and Gmail's own tools.

Of course, OOo offers a Send Document as E-mail feature, but it requires too many steps to be convenient to use. The macro you are about to create allows you to send the currently opened document as an email message, automatically adding information such as the file's name and time stamp, all done in the background without any user interaction. This is, literally, a one-click backup solution for your OpenOffice.org documents."

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