10 March 2007

HP sees Linux desktop nearing critical mass

"The good news, according to an HP executive, is that the company sees "the Linux desktop nearing critical mass." The bad news, for would be off-the-shelf Linux desktop buyers, is that it's still not there yet.

Doug Small, HP's worldwide director of open source and Linux marketing, explained that while "the number of indicators we look at -- the noise level, the interest in the products on the market, the interest in our forums -- are all tending to heat up for Linux during the last six months or so." However, "It's still not been enough to get a pre-configured Linux desktop or laptop on the price list.

HP is noting increased interest in the Linux desktop; and it's more than happy to help big businesses with desktop systems directly, or SMBs through its channel partners. But the company doesn't see a mainstream launch of a Linux desktop in the immediate future. If interest continues to rise in the Linux desktop, HP would be more than happy to start shipping a preconfigured, pre-loaded Linux desktop system. At this point, however, they're not prepared to supply a system for which there isn't enough demand."

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