09 March 2007

HP Sees Huge Linux Desktop Deals

"Hewlett-Packard is closing custom deals for thousands of desktop PCs running Linux, which has the company assessing the possibility of offering factory-loaded Linux systems, an HP executive said.

HP has preloaded PCs with Linux in previous years, but the market acceptance wasn't there to do that on a broader scale, according to Small. "Frankly, we did that in the past and didn't see the results for it," he said.

While no tier-one vendor currently provides a factory-loaded SKU of Linux desktops or notebooks, the marketplace chatter is increasing.

Besides HP's custom Linux PC orders and overall rising interest in desktop Linux, Lenovo certifies some of its systems for SLED 10, and Dell said it's poised to do the same. Just days after launching an online suggestion Web site for customers, tens of thousands of people wrote to Dell saying that the company should provide Linux as a PC preload."

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