14 March 2007

French MPs choose Linux over Windows

"When French MPs and their assistants return from their summer break this June, they will conduct parliamentary business on PCs running Ubuntu. From the next session of parliament, 1,154 desks will feature the Linux-based PCs.

At the time of the latest IT refresh for parliamentary assistants, France's parliament, the National Assembly, decided to switch from Windows to Linux, allowing the 577 MPs to switch to non-proprietary software for the first time.

The French lower house is already using open-source software elsewhere in its IT systems, including Apache web server and the Mambo content management system. The MPs' move to open source is the first concerning a switch of operating system — previous initiatives have been more focused on servers (such as the agriculture ministry), OpenOffice (such as the gendarmerie) or Firefox (such as the French tax office)."

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