03 March 2007

Back to the Bible' encourages Christians to dig into God's Word

"Woodrow Kroll of Back to the Bible says a new survey shows biblical illiteracy is one of the biggest problems facing the Church in America. According to the Christian ministry president, research shows that the average American owns three copies of the Bible, but doesn't read any of them.

Christians who do not read God's Word are stagnant in their spiritual walk, Kroll contends. "In the area of morality, we rob ourselves of a moral position if we don't know the Word of God," he says. "I think we also rob ourselves of the ability to move on toward spiritual maturity. We get stuck in spiritual infancy, and that's a clear detriment that comes from not reading the Bible."

And certainly, Kroll adds, Bible illiteracy is a factor in many believers' inability to defend or even share their Christian faith. In fact, he says, Bible illiteracy is one of the main problems the church faces today."

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