01 March 2007

Apple Ready to Kill OS X?

"I don’t have anything against Apple or its wonderful Mac OS X. It’s a fine piece of creation from all imaginable angles - intuitive GUI, lack of malware, ease of use, robustness, and stability. What more could you ask for from an OS? In reality, OS X is what Windows can never be. But I fear, will Apple pull the plug on OS X in the future?

It certainly won’t happen anytime soon, but as Apple moves further away from its core product to a lineup of consumer electronics (CE), why would Apple need to continue to develop the OS X? Sure, Apple is popular these days, but the thanks go out to the iPod. Apple is back in news again with its highly anticipated iPhone. Where does that leave the operating system? Apple’s entry into the world of consumer electronics is clearly evident by its decision to change its name from Apple Computer to Apple, Inc. Is this a sign of bad omen? I believe so."

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