16 February 2007

Ubuntu says no to non-free video drivers for Feisty

"Ubuntu CTO Matt Zimmerman has announced two Ubuntu Technical Board decisions that will affect the upcoming Feisty Fawn release, due out in April of this year. For the Feisty release, proprietary video drivers are out of the default install, and the PowerPC port of Ubuntu is being downgraded to an unofficial release.

According to the release, Feisty will "preserve the status quo with respect to proprietary video drivers." This doesn't mean that Ubuntu will be completely clean of proprietary software. Ubuntu still includes closed source drivers "where necessary to provide sufficient hardware support" for wireless network cards and other devices.

However, the board decided that some of the software required for deploying Composite support, which was the impetus driving consideration of closed source video drivers, is not mature enough for inclusion by default in the next Ubuntu release."

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