20 February 2007

Mental health expert highlights abortion's impact on men

"A campus psychiatrist at UCLA is drawing attention to the only study she has found on young men's responses to abortion. Those men, she asserts, are part of a group of abortion victims who have been essentially "invisible" to those in her profession. Mental health professionals, she says, need to stop ignoring the reality that abortion leaves emotional scars.

Grossman says men's reactions to abortion have been ignored by her colleagues in the mental health field. "There is a significant number of people who do have those scars and that painfulness," she says, "and if we are going to be open to victims of every sort, then we in mental health need to be acknowledging them even if they don't advance a particular ideology."

In fact, commenting on his research, Dr. Shostak has suggested the professional counseling community adopt what he calls a "pro-couple approach to the abortion challenge" that can help those who have abortions recover from "an experience from which they are never quite the same." According to Grossman, Shostak conducted the research because he went through an abortion as a grad student and has wondered ever since what would have happened had he and his partner decided differently."

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