28 February 2007

A living look at life: The Cause Celeb

"A recent national survey of young people concerning their hopes, dreams and aspirations revealed a rather shocking fact. Most youngsters today want to become celebrities.

It really doesn’t seem to matter to them if they become famous or infamous, as long as they achieve notoriety or celebrity status. The mainstream media feeds this desire by giving an inordinate amount of coverage to the strange, bizarre and weird happenings of spoiled, overpaid entertainers and professional sports figures, and by intensely focusing on the antics of the rich and famous.

Old-fashioned virtues of hard work, industriousness, diligent study and practice to hone one’s skills and accomplishments doesn’t seem to be worthy of media attention. Neither do years of undergraduate work, service through internships and the knowledge gained by such endeavors.

How about you? Are you seeking publicity or are you seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness as instructed in Matthew 6:33? With His help you can set right priorities, avoiding the limelight and pursuing godly values, which will bring you blessings in this life and even greater rewards in the age to come."

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